Should I Amend Tax Return?

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Samantha Kerry

Samantha Kerry

Senior Accountant and Financial Consultant

It’s not that uncommon to Overlook Something in your taxes considering how complicated they can be. A 1099-INT from among your own banks gets lost in the mail and also delivered a number of months late? Should you make a major mistake, it will become necessary to file an amended return? Here are some situations that involve filing an amended return:

Change in filing status

  • Inaccurate reporting of the number of dependents  
  • A mistake in reporting your total income
  • Error in figuring deductions And/or credits
  • You e-filed, have one of those Above situations, and you received verification from the IRS or state taxing agency your return was accepted

There’s an exception to these above rules. Let’s say you e-filed your tax return, however it is refused and you discover you made an error that normally requires an amendment. If the return is rejected, you can resolve the error without an amendment, because the IRS didn’t take your return. If you missed the e-file deadline, print, and paper file your fixed tax return. Also, make certain to look closely at a state tax return. In some cases, it could be accepted even though the national tax return was reversed.

There’s usually no need to document An amended return if you’ve made a calculation error. Normally, the IRS will resolve these minor mistakes (this is quite common with paper returns). Additionally, if you forgot to add documentation, such as a W-2 using a paper filed return, the IRS will request the documentation.

If You Have to File an Amended Return, you need to use Form 1040X. You can file an amended return for multiple decades, but you need a separate Form 1040X for each year, and every return ought to be filed separately. As you complete the form, understand that Column A should consist of first figures, and Column C should show the new characters. The difference between both should be recorded in Column B. If you’re listing changes on several different programs, such as Schedule A or Schedule C, you’ll need to incorporate them along with your Form 1040X. If you have to amend your tax return there’s absolutely no need to worry about, we can assist you with all of the complex work.

When you are claiming an additional refund, you need to wait until your initial refund arrives until you file your Form 1040X. You can cash your check, but you still need to wait until your current tax yield is resolved. That way, you know where you stand.

If your mistake resulted in Under-paying your taxes, you need to file your amended return when you possibly can. Regrettably, there is absolutely no way to file your 1040X electronically but this could possibly be offered sometime in the not too distant future.

One important thing to remember When amending your tax return is to always keep a copy of your original filed tax return and create an amended tax return by an additional copy.

You can correct mistakes in your own Tax return with the help of an amended return; just make sure you follow proper procedures.

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