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What is an ITIN? ​

ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) is a nine-digit number issued by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to those individuals who need to have a US taxpayer Identification Number but do not qualify for Social Security Number (SSN). SSN is for the citizens of the US, who hold a green card or have a valid work permit. On the other hand, ITIN is for the residents or non-residents of US(holding foreign nationality), even if your immigration is in process and not approved yet because all the people currently living or entering US in future must file or report as a taxpayer under Internal Revenue Code. Individuals need a valid income tax return to receive an ITIN.

Who Must Apply for an ITIN?​

If you are earning money in United States (be it a business or a job or through whatever way) and not a holder of Social Security Number, you need to pay taxes through your ITIN number and file tax returns to US government.

Why do you need an ITIN?​

There are multiple reasons to why you need an ITIN number as a resident of US. Firstly, you need it to file tax return for the income earned in US. Secondly, you need it if you are a dependant (e.g. spouse) of a US citizen/resident and thus, depends on their income tax returns. Moreover, if you wish to claim US Tax Refund on dividends and royalties for example, you need an ITIN. Furthermore, if you are planning to open a US bank or investment account, you must have ITIN. It helps with building a credible credit history which will make leasing a car or mortgaging a house in future more convenient. You may also need it to sell property and become a part of US real estate as a whole, legally. License for motor vehicles are also issues based on this number. It is also useful if you are receiving a grant or scholarship in future.

What do you need to apply for an ITIN?

There are two sets of documents and either one of them can be provided to apply for ITIN. The first set of documents include:
  • Income Tax Returns for U.S
  • A complete IRS form
  • Valid Passport
Or any 2 of the following documents will also be accepted. At least one of them must be an identification with a photo and one of them should be an identification from home country. The documents are:
  • National Identification Card (latest, have a photo and must contain information like home address, your name, date of birth and expiry date)
  • US Driver License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Foreign driving license
  • US Identification card
  • Foreign Voter’s registration card
  • US Military registration card
  • Foreign Military registration card
  • US visa (to prove you don’t qualify for an SSN)
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) photo identification
  • Medical records (for individuals under 14 years old only)
  • School records (dependents and /or students under 25 years old only).

What is a Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)?

Being a CAA means that we are officially qualified through IRS to collect and certify identification documents needed for application process of ITIN. Once your supporting documents are checked thoroughly by us, we issue a Certificate of Accuracy (COA) as a guarantee that the application is complete and original.

Services and benefits We Provide as CAA?

We are here to make the process of applying for ITIN smoother for you. One of the major benefits of letting us handle your application is that you will not have to submit any of your original documents to IRS because we’ll verify your documents on their behalf and make sure they are authentic and complete. This eliminates the risk of your important documents getting lost in the email or you facing any sort of issue for eight weeks (application process time) because of not having access to your original documents. We can further prepare your tax returns as well which you’ll be needing at multiple occasions and especially when applying for ITIN. Moreover, any changes made in the application process will be communicated to you so it saves you time to research the latest requirements yourself and may get it wrong. Added to this, we as CAA, have direct phone line access to the IRS office so if any problem arises in your application which is approved by us, it can be resolved quickly otherwise, it might have taken you a long time to identify and resolve the issue.





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