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Filing as Single

Ordinarily this status is for taxpayers who are unmarried, divorced or legally separated under a divorce or separate maintenance decree.

Married Joint

When a taxpayer is married, then they could file a joint tax return. The partner can file a joint return for that year when a partner died

Married Separate

Married couples can opt to file separate tax returns. It may result in less tax owed compared to just filing a tax return.

Head of Household

Unmarried taxpayers could be able file using this status, but specific rules apply. Taxpayers should check the rules to be certain they qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The IRS formally opens for the Yearly tax year during late January and also a frequent question asked about this time is”Where’s My Refund?”

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It’s not that uncommon to Overlook Something in your taxes considering how complicated they can be. A 1099-INT from among your own banks gets lost in the mail and also delivered a number of months late?

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The head of household status can lead to a lower taxable income and potential refund compared to just another filing status, but to be able to qualify, you must meet specific criteria.

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