Foreign Owned LLC

Filing Form 5472

Form 5472 and 1120 Requirments

Apply to foreign-owned Single-Member LLCs that are owned directly or indirectly. Directly owned means that the owner is a foreign person or a foreign company. Indirectly owned means the LLC is owned by another Disregarded Entity LLC, which then owns the Single-Member LLC. Who must file IRS Form 5472?LLC that is owned by a non-resident (a foreign person). What are the penalties for incomplete, incorrect or not filing Form 5472? Failure to file Form 5472 or file an incomplete or incorrect return filing can cause a penalty of $25,000. Is electronic filing (e-file) available for 5472 & 1120? No, these forms cannot be electronically submitted. They can be paper mailed or fax. What is the deadline for filing form 5472 & 1120? These forms must be submitted by April 15th of every year.


I am a USA, nonresident and registered an LLC to run, an online e Commerce store. What Federal tax form should I file?

If you do not have employees or a place of business in the USA then you must file the mandatory form 5472 and 1120 before April 15 every year.

Can I file IRS form 5472 and 1120 a foreign-owned LLC without ITIN?

Yes, you can file the form 5472 and 1120 without ITIN.

How I can submit the form 5472 and 1120 my foreign owned LLC electronically?

Sorry, in your case and these forms are not legible for a electronic submission. Either you can paper mail or fax to IRS.

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