Can an illegal immigrant get an ITIN number?

What do I need to Know about ITIN Spouse Living Outside USA?
Samantha Kerry, MBA

Samantha Kerry, MBA

Sr. Financial Consultant

The IRS made the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) program in 1996 to offer a means for foreign nationals to pay taxes on money earned from the United States. However, what about individuals who are not in the country? Even when you did not enter the country you’re still required to report earnings and pay your fair share, and how you do that is by simply filling out an ITIN application. The ITIN Application Process
You may be wondering “what do I want to find an ITIN number,” and the first issue is a completed W-7 form. As soon as you’ve filled it out, submit it to the IRS, together with a completed tax return and also an original, valid passport or a certified copy. If you do not have a current passport, you’ll need to verify your identity and international status with a combination of two originals from this listing of documents required for ITIN:
Visa States Department of State
United States motorist’s license
Foreign Army Identification card
United States Military Identification card
Foreign driver’s license
State-issued identification
Foreign Voter’s Registration card
Civil Arrival Certification
National identification card
United States Citizenship & Immigration Services photograph ID
  • You’ll Receive After your W-7 has been processed, your documents back within 60 days. What an ITIN Is and Isn’t Your ITIN exists only to give an identification number to you for tax purposes, but a few states allow it to be used instead of a Social Security Number when applying for a driver’s license. You can also use it when Opening an interest-bearing bank account and provide proof of residency. The ITIN Doesn’t supply immigration status or work authorization, although It isn’t used to enforce immigration laws. If you need help determining your ITIN status or you’re having trouble trust, with the W-7 type directions The experts in ITIN W-7 Application that will help you through the procedure.

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