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Tax and Compliace Services for Profit and Nonprofit.

irs certifying acceptance agent


1120 | 1120S | 1065
990N | 990EZ | 990
USA Business Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing for S Corporation, C Corporation and Partnership
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1040 | LLC
Individual Income Tax Return Preparation and filing as Single, Married or Head of Household and personal business
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1040NR | 5472
Tax Preparation and Filing for Foreign Owned Business, Partnership or Working in USA as Non-Resident Aliens
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W-7 | CAA
Fast ITIN application Processing Services as authorized IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents. Remote interview by Video for Certificate of Authenticity
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20 Years Of Experience

We’re proud that our firm offers top-notch tax services Tax Services for Individual, Busines and Nonprofit Organizations at affordable pricing! With us you’ll feel that we work for you. We care about your business and individual tax and finance.

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Our flat fee pricing is comparable and reasonable. It is applies to the majority of the business and individual tax returns. In case of a unique circumstance we will contact you in advance to for the variation in the price.


We have made the process very easy for you by using Internet and cloud-based technology it is just few clicks away. Once you provide the basic information and your tax situation we get started right away.


We have been providing Business and Nonprofit Tax Preparation and Filing from last 20 years to our local, national, international clients. We back up our marketing claims with evidences. Please visit see our reviews. Visit us at Fiverr


Tax planning plays an essential role to keep the highest level of compliance. Our goal is to provide you a guideline that can help you to take an advantage from all the allowable deductions and credits

we believe in

  • Certainty and simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness & Compliance

Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand

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Why You Can Trust Our Services

We are qualified, experienced and a knowledgeable tax firm. Our services are personalized, cost effective with standardized prices upfront. We are available 24/7 online for customer support.

We take care the complex tax matters that require experience, tax law knowledge and competency. We prepare a business or individual tax return from a compliance and audit standpoint. We Identify the situation, Research and suggest a strategic solution. Unlike other tax preparers, we do not just fill the forms. We completely understand what the numbers mean and what is their effect. You can cantat us for a quote regarding your individualbusiness and non profit organization